Raul33 Paiting Aldea Yanapay

Together with my friend artist Raul33 (www.raul33.com) and our friend Paolo we spent two weeks volunteering for Aldea Yanapay (http://aldeayanapay.org/hello/) a school for children based in Cusco, Peru. We worked with the kids to produce canvases which will be sold for charity and all the proceed will go to support the school. In this video Raul painting the facade of the building where the school is based. The Inka Cross or Chakana is a strong symbol of the old cultures of the Andes and is considered the most complete, holy, geometric design of the Inkas. This symbol is often found in old places and holy centers in the Andes in Peru and in Bolivia. The Chakana has had, and still has, a considerable meaning to the Inkas and it also represents many meanings in its design.

el Capullo de Barranco

During my short stay in Lima i planned to visit a flea market called La Feria de Barranco. Having arrived before opening time i walked around the district and found El Capullo market : https://www.facebook.com/elcapullodebarranco/. It was early morning and pretty much everything was still closed. I had a coffee with Modesto, who sells fruit and veg at the market. He’s been living in Lima for 40 years now and enjoy life in the city.

El capullo Lima Blog-2.jpg
El capullo Lima Blog.jpg
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Just a few picture from the beautiful city ofLima where we are spending a few days before flying to Cusco.

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Lima blog 1st.jpg
Lima blog 1st-2.jpg

Barry and Patches

I met Barry through CARE4CATS, a charity committed to protecting Ibiza’s homeless cats : https://care4catsibiza.org/.

After fostering two cats at my home I entrusted them to Barry and his dog Patches. Barry has got 8 cats, all of them have been fostered by Patches and they all love it as it was their mom! Patches is now quite old and has a tumor, though is still giving love to the newcomer! thank you guys

mercadillo low-136.jpg
mercadillo low-112.jpg

The Twins

Michael and Thomas are two twins from Germany. Thomas moved to Ibiza in the late ‘70 while Michael was opening a boots shop in Milan. A few years later Michael followed his brother moving to the island with his amazing classic Mercedes. They are super cool guys and i love spending time with them at Mercadillo on saturdays and San Juan market on sundays.

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On Sunday evening i discovered one of the greatest party i’ve seen on the island so far : Ethereal https://www.facebook.com/Ethereal.Ibiza/ @Nagai restaurant http://www.nagairestaurant.com/. Intimate venue where all the people are smiling and happy, great music by https://soundcloud.com/marichamusic and many more, delicious Japanese food. I wanted to thank my friend Radha for inviting me :)

ibiza 2018 ottobre-16.jpg

San Juan sunday market - Ibiza-

One of my favourite hangouts in Ibiza, this market runs all year round in San Juan, in the north of the island. Nice atmosphere and great products, makes this spot the perfect sunday especially outside the busy summer. Live Music, organic products, handmade, and many more things! If the weather is good go for a swim to one of the beautiful beaches in Portinax and, why not, make a stone balance!

SAN JUAN-4.jpg
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